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Goals: Part 1 (The 5 Year Overview)

Do you like to live life on a whim? Or do you like things to be structured and organised?

I remember when I first got told of this so called ‘5 year plan’. I tell you what, I spent hours upon hours writing it. I changed it, I added to it, I deleted parts.. I even threw the whole list away and started again! However, at that time I had no idea really what I wanted to do and how I could get there. So I want to show you HOW you can organise your goals so that you can get to where you want to go.

It is so easy to get caught up in the turbulence that is life, that we often forget what we set out to do. I remember years ago I did a Diploma of Counselling via correspondence. I had always wanted to become a counsellor, and I knew that this would give me the level up that I needed to start my own practice. I began doing really well. I completed units, handed them in and was really on a roll, and then one day I just stopped doing it. Life got in the way. I got a boyfriend, moved house, started working full time, forgot about my diploma.. and before I knew it I had deviated from my goal of becoming a counsellor and finishing my diploma. Then one afternoon I was sorting through my things and I found all the books laying in a heap and decided to draw out a plan for the next 6 months which would see me finishing my diploma. And you know what? I had completed and got my certificate within that 6 months! What could have taken me 2 years, instead took me 8 years to complete.

So today I am going to show you a simple way of organising your goals so that if you like plan and structure it is a surefire way to get to where you want to go. If you are doing this for a bit of fun, then you can look back in 5 years time and see what you have accomplished.

You will need:
* A Notebook
* A pen or pencil
A computer with excel 🙂


– If you can, dedicate an hour at least (or half a day if you like) and brain dump everything and anything you would like to achieve within the next 5 years. Don’t worry if it sounds silly, and try at make it at least achieveable (so don’t say ‘do skydiving’ if you never intend on doing it ever.
– I Suggest using your laptop, and braindumping in excel because you will need lots of room and space.
– Try and aim for about 100 things you would like to achieve. They can be anything including things that you have too do! Remember, you can add to your list over time.

Some examples are:

My Goals:
1. Roll my super over
2. Bake a cake with my kids
3. Learn how to perform reiki & be a reiki master
4. Lose weight
5. etc…

Get it? 🙂 Great! You have started to brain dump and clear out the clutter in your mind.


The next step is to categorise each goal. You can make up your own categories as you see fit, but here are some examples that I use:

1. Roll over my super (FINANCIAL)
2. Bake a cake with my kids (FAMILY)
3. Learn how to perform reiki & be a reiki master (SPIRITUAL)
4. Lose weight (PHYSICAL)
5. etc..

1.Mental: These can be education goals that increase your knowledge.
2.Physical: These can be about wellbeing such as losing weight, getting fit etc.
3.Family: These are family oriented goals.
4.Social: Goals that ensure you have a social life.
5.Spiritual: These goals enhance your spirituality.
6.Career: Goals pertaining to your career.
7.Financial: These pertain to your finances.

So. Ready… Set… Go!!!!


By now you should have categorised all the goals you have written down. If you are using excel you could could arrange them in columns, or dedicate a spreadsheet sheet for each category.

Now this is the most important step. This step I break down all my goals into what year I would like them achieved by. I suggest for the 5 year plan you start by putting just the YEAR (ie: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017). However if you feel confident enough, then you can also include the MONTH and year that you want to have something completed by.

1. Roll over my super (FINANCIAL) (DEC,2013)
2. Bake a cake with my kids (FAMILY) (DEC, 2013)
3. Learn how to perform reiki & be a reiki master (SPIRITUAL) (JAN,2015)
4. Lose weight (PHYSICAL) (MAR, 2014)

If you have got this far and completed the steps, then congratulate yourself and give yourself a big pat on the back.
You have now completed your 5 year plan!

In our next blog post, I will show you how to get to the next process.


I hope you have enjoyed 🙂