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What have you accomplished?

Goal Setting and Accomplishing

The one thing that I constantly get told by my clients is that they have so little time, but so much they need to get done.  My answer to that – start recording your time!

Life can change in an instant, and time flashes before your eyes.

One day you are sitting exams in high school, the next minute you are working a full time job, quitting your job, moving onto another, moving house, getting married and then the next it seems like you are having kids and changing nappies full time. Life can get more than hectic – it can get chaotic!

Wherever have those years gone, and what did you accomplish?

If someone asked you to describe in 100 words or less what you have accomplished in the last 5 years, what would you say?

I know that personally I would be struggling to think back over those years to remember what things I did accomplish and when. I would remember that in one of those years I moved, had children, studied, got married.. but what else?

This year I made a promise to myself that I would buy a book and use it soley as an accomplishment journal (you can use a diary if you wanted) so that I could keep track of all that I had done, as well as all that I wanted to achieve.

The best thing I found was to find a diary that was lined (day to a page) with no times so that you can write in it freely. First I would on a separate sheet of paper write down at least 10 major things I would want to achieve for the year, and then think about the dates/months that I would want them achieved in.

I would then transfer those goals to the appropriate months (usually at the beginning of the month saying: Goal- To go to the Zoo with my son this month), then I could see the goal at the beginning of the month and find a suitable date to book it in.

If I couldn’t keep that goal, then I would bump it up to the next month… and so on.

For my accomplishments, daily I would write in the small accomplishements I had made, such as : A – Cooked a yummy apple pie for the first time

I found it such a great way to keep my accomplishments and my goals together. As for setting goals, I felt that brainstorming at least 5 small goals per month was good, and again these goals can be as small or as adventurous as you want them to be.

By keeping an accomplishment & goals journal you can keep yourself motivated and positive!


Your accomplishements can be anything from:

– Moving out of home

– Buying a new car

– Taking on study/completing a course

– Opening up a business

– Now watching less than 2 hours of TV a day

– Cooking dinner for yourself or friends


Your goals can be anything from:

– Save $100 per month

– Research selling on ebay

– Find a full time job



So why wait? Start your journal today!